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To understand the success rate of the no-contact rule, here are some stories that can show you how beneficial it can be. Usually, the non-contact phase lasts from 2-3 months to a year. The first few months are difficult, especially when they are in the same classroom or workplace and both see each other every day. It depends on your friend. For now, it will be better if you stop contacting or harassing him. You are only making things worse. It is better to send him a text asking for forgiveness, that he finds in his heart the need to forgive you, and that you wait patiently for him; Then, leave contactless. If he responds within two weeks, the minimum time of contactless training, then he knows it`s over. During this period of silence, he would at least have responded.

Give him another two weeks, if he does not respond, contact him. He might react positively or pretend that there is no future between the two of you. He will know your worth if you use NC after realizing that you told him, but he did not pay attention, forcing you to resort to silence. Why not stop contacting him for a month? This month, think about the relationship and what could have gone wrong. At the same time, let the healing process begin by letting go of the anger and hatred you may have against it. Forgive yourself if you were the cause or not, and forgive your ex as well. Try to continue during non-contact, I recommend exercising for a month. You should take it slowly. If he does not want to be in the relationship because he is afraid of responsibility/obligation, he wants to be a free bird; There is nothing you can do to get it back.

You have to go on with your life. Do not contact him to ask him to come back. Do the things you do, focus on yourself and put his image on the back of your head, that is, it is time for you to stop talking to him. It`s going to be hard. You will only hurt yourself the more you contact. Show him that you are also independent, you can function without him because the reason he gave may be true or there is a hidden reason. Keep in mind that all this contactless thing isn`t for your ex. It`s mostly for you. It is up to you to heal from this separation and become stronger.

And if your ex is doing his best to prevent you from getting stronger, it`s only because he wants to keep you weak and be his support. And we both know you deserve better. Answer: It might work because it seems that there is a problem or problem that led to the separation. No contact will allow you both to move away from each other, to have some peace of mind and heart. This will allow you to think about the relationship and what you need to do to save the relationship. Once NC is over, find a suitable way to ask them to meet to solve the problems that contribute to the fighting during the NC you saw. You should approach them in such a way that it doesn`t make another fight. Answer: One month is preferable. If you don`t train the contact for too long, you might miss her because she`s moved on. If you write to him earlier after the breakup, you will irritate him all the more. So between 4-6 weeks is preferable, although in your case I would recommend 4 weeks.

Question: I didn`t use a contact rule. It has now been two months. He`s with his ex and I think they`re happy. Should I unlock it or should I let it be? And also most guys ask me to go out, but I think I`m not ready and I`m afraid they`ll do the same. I am also afraid to continue because he might come back, please what should I do? Question: I cheated on my ex. He has been hot and cold with me for the past few weeks, and then he has not initiated any contact. Will I be able to get it back? You should not get in touch for a month. Exceeding more than a month will destroy the chances of reunification. Answer: Yes, you need to give her some space where she doesn`t interfere. She might need this time to rethink things clearly.

Also, you need your own space to think about the relationship. And if she doesn`t want to be in the relationship anymore, what will you do? You both need your own space to think about the relationship and your future. You dream of having a husband and a family. Don`t let a breakup cause you to stay single or wait for your ex. In this life, life is inevitable. The most important thing is to learn how to cope with pain. Take it from someone who has experienced more than four breakups. You need to learn to deal with injuries when a relationship ends. According to scientific studies, in today`s world, it takes two to three separations to get along with a partner. If you want to continue after a breakup (or if you want to remove a toxic person from your life), you don`t continue contact indefinitely. If a month goes by and she hasn`t bothered to make contact or make amends or she hasn`t left the guy, it`s time for you to start moving on and forget about it. .